What's Insetting?

Where compensation actions of the traditional "offsetting" are held in a separate location and use uncorrelated actors and technical activities, "the Insetting" integrates socio-environmental commitments at the heart of the companies’ sectors and occupations.

Preserving the forest and the biodiversity and fighting against global warming are some long-term issues and substantive commitments. The integration of these issues into the dynamics of Pure Project partner organizations’ activities help them to offer concrete projects to improve social and environmental activities and products.


• Integrate mechanisms and offset impacts within your sector and occupations

• Act in accordance with your business: give meaning to your job, position and actions to increase your value

• Secure your development by the active conservation of the resources upon which your activities depends on (plants, climate, water, raw materials, etc.)

• Work in partnership with other actors to enhance your impact and added value 

Tristan Lecomte's interview in Davos 2013

Download the Insetting Presentation

Presentation Pur Projet & Insetting - v6.0 - Eng.pdf


More than the mere desire to compensate our climate impact, Insetting includes this issue and its many facets at the heart of the company or branches or trades to enrich his message and to secure its development.