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As part of its responsible approach, Axway Software participates in the Alto Huayabamba reforestation project in Peru. Axway Software invites its registered shareholders to make a direct commitment to reforestation via the «1 email = 1 tree planted program». Axway Software will plant a tree for each shareholder who accepts to receive their convening notice to the annual General Meeting of Shareholders by email. Thus, the company reduces its consumption of paper, transport, post and its environmental impact.

Axway Software, Digital player

Axway Software is a software editor specializing in data flow management and is naturally focussed on the development of the digital economy.

This is why Axway Software has embarked on a paperless document exchange project with its shareholders, the «Digital Program for Axway Software Shareholders». This initiative is part of the company’s DNA making the digital economy its core business.

About the reforestation project

The Amazon, one of the planet’s «lungs» must fight to conserve its ecosystems. In the zone supported by the program, more than 2,000 cocoa and sugar cane producers are involved in the Alto Huayabamba reforestation project, in the San Martin region of Peruvian Amazonia. In 2008, these producers in the ACOPAGRO cooperative decided to commit to reforestation of the areas degraded by cocoa and corn cultivation. This reforestation project proposes the planting of native trees (Acajou, Caoba) within the cocoa plots.

With technical support from the cooperative, they now master the principles of agro-forestry and agro-ecology, enabling forest preservation to be harmoniously combined with agricultural development. Thanks to this project, the producers create a new source of revenue, and at the same time, promote biodiversity and soil regeneration in their region.

Location of Axway forest


2015, 12/17 at 12:31, Roberto Mattioli wrote...
Proud to be part of this project!!

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For more information about the Digital Program for Axway Software Shareholders

About agroforestry...

Following the principles of agroforestry, tree planting takes into account the protection of ecosystems, food sovereignty and the socio-economical development of local communities. Local farmers are trained by agricultural engineers and are in charge of planting trees and following up their development. Trees bring many environmental services thanks to their positive influence on the ecosystem: shading crops, water cycle regulation, soils regeneration, erosion control, nitrogen fixation, carbon sequestration to reduce greenhouse effect, preservation of water resources and biodiversity and agricultural yield increase.